Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Produktivitas Kerja (Studi Pada Karyawan Bagian Produksi PT Mazuvo Indo)

Nasron ., Tri Bodroastuti


Productivity is how to generate or increase the production of goodsand services as rapidly as possible by utilizing resources efficiently. Many factors thataffect the productivity of labor, whether related to labor and the environment associatedwith corporate and government policies increase overall productivity is influenced byseveral factors such as work attitude, relations between labor and organization leaderManagement, productivity, labor efficiency , entrepreneurship (Sedarmayanti, 2001:71)The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of work attitudes, skill levels, therelationship between labor and organizations leader, management productivity, laborefficiency, and entrepreneurship on the productivity of the employees of the production ofPT Indo Mazuvo. The population in this study was 50 employees of the production of PTIndo Mazuvo, The Sampling Techniques used was non probability sampling, The analysistools used in this research was the multiple linear regression, which was firstly examinedby validity and reliability test. The results partially showed t value for X1 = 3.837; X2 =15.712; X3 = 7.447; X4 = 2.944; X6 and X5 = 5.436 t = 4.869 while t table 2.012 thatwas in the area reject Ho, meaningit had no significant influence work attitude, skilllevel, the relationship between labor and organizations leader, management productivity,labor efficiency, and entrepreneurship on the productivity of the production employees ofPT Mazuvo indo. While the hypothesis test simultaneously with the test results obtained Fvalue = 522.971> F table = 3.232 it was in the reject Ho area, meaning that there wassignificant influence of work attitude, skill level, the relationship of labor andorganization leader , management productivity, labor efficiency, and entrepreneurship onthe productivity of the employees of the production of PT Indo Mazuvo. The coefficient ofdetermination of the five independent variables of 98.5% means that the variation of thesix independent variables in explaining productivity : 98.5%, while the remaining 1.5%was explained by other variables that were not mentioned in this study

Keywords: productivity, work attitude, skill level, management productivity

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