Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Keputusan Pembelian Baju “MINT” Di Counter Java Mall Semarang

Feri Aditia, Suhaji .


This study aimed to determine the factors that influence purchasingdecisions of outfits sold at “Mint” in Counter Java Mall Semarang. This study used the datatype of the subject. In this case the subject of the research was the customer of counter“Mint” Java Mall Semarang. This study used the method of sample selection for this type ofnon-probability sampling with purposive sampling (judgement sampling), which means thetype of sampling selection is not random of which the information obtained by using specificconsideration, namely for respondents who make purchasing at least 3 times. The number ofsamples was 100 people. The data analysis technique used was multiple linear regression.The results showed that the culture influenced purchasing decisions, small reference groupinfluenced purchasing decisions, family had influence on purchasing decisions, experiencedid not have influence on purchasing decisions, personality did not influence purchasedecisions, self concept had no influence on purchasing decisions. While simultaneouslyculture, social class, small reference group, family, experience, personality, attitudes andbeliefs, and self concept influenced purchasing decisions.

Keywords: culture, social class, small reference group, family, experience, personality,attitudes and beliefs, and self concept

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