Pengaruh Kemampuan, Usaha Dan Dukungan Organisasi Terhadap Kinerja

Pratiwi Indarjanti, Tri Bodroastuti


This research was to recognize the influence of ability, effort and support of organization to employee’s performance. This research was conducted in Bureau of Academic and Administration of Diponegoro University which has 50 staffs. They were the samples of this research using technical sampling of census method. The mean of this analysis was multiple linear regressions with SPSS program. The result showed that Ŷ= 1,149 + 0,226 X1+ 0,205 X2+ 0,380 X3 from an equation obtained a positive regression coefficient of ability (X1), effort (X2) and organization support (X3) to employee’s performance (Y). It means that if a variable of ability, effort and organization support is increased, staff’s performance will increase as well. Based on hypothetical test either partial or simultaneous, effort and organization support affected positively and significantly performance of Bureau of Academic and Administration of Diponegoro University’s staff .

Keywords: employee’s performance, ability, effort, organization support

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