Penentuan Jumlah Teller Yang Optimal Berdasarkan Metode Antrian (Studi Pada Bank Mega Cabang Pemuda Semarang)

Fajar Prabowo, Tri Bodroastuti


The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the level of teller service at Bank Mega Cabang Pemuda Semarang. The data required in the form of primary data, namely the number of customers who came in and were served each weekday. The data obtained through observation of the observation period that was conducted from May 28 until June 22, 2012 at 08.00 pm until 15.00 pm. The techniques of data analysis used the method of multichannel – single phase. The results showed that Bank Mega needed to do additional service facilities, the addition amount of the original teller from three became five tellers. With the addition it showed the decrease number of customer wait time before 22 minutes 2 seconds to 5 minutes 16 seconds, so that service performance could be optimized. However, this addition is only required every the first week since the week the number of customers who come in line to get more services than other weeks.

Keywords: teller, multichannel-single phase

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