Pengaruh Variabel Makro Terhadap Pendapatan Asli Daerah Periode 2000-2009 di Kota Semarang

Eni Aryanti, Iin Indarti


Decentralization has been playing an important role in realizing regional autonomy success. To ensure the steady implementation of regional autonomy, and overcome problems like poverty and income distribution gap need efforts to improve its own financial capacity that is through increased local revenue. This study reveals how much the influence of macro variables (region gross domestic product, and the inflation rate) to the Local Revenue (PAD) in Semarang City in 2000-2009. This research was quantitative research that used secondary data i.e. physical and documentary data, which focus on examining the financial data Semarang period of 2000-2009. The method of analysis in this research used the influence examination done by examining the effects of independent variables to the dependent variable. The analysis used in the research was quantitative analysis by classic assumption test and multiple linear regression test. Based on the examination and discussion, it can be concluded that the results of multiple linear regression test between macroeconomic variables which consists of the region gross domestic product (x1) and inflation (x2), which is the independent variable either simultaneously (F test) significantly influenced the PAD (Y) and partially (t test) regional gross domestic product had a significant influence, while inflation partially (t test) had no influence on PAD (Y) in Semarang City in 2000-2009.

Keywords: Region Gross Domestic Product, Inflation Rate, Local Revenue

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